• IMDG Awareness course

    Maritime dangerous goods awareness

    For general management, sales staff and seafaring personnel

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    Suitable for anyone who does not have a direct responsibility in maritime dangerous goods management but must be aware of the general rules and regulations involved - such as general management and sales roles and general seafaring personnel.

    The Awareness course introduces all the topics of the IMDG Code, in accessible English, in approximately 90 minutes.


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    Mandatory training (Paragraph 1.3)

    Please note that a participant who is required to take the mandatory IMDG training, as described in paragraph 1.3 of the IMDG Code, should opt for one of our other courses:


    IMDG Code Course | Basic edition: our thorough general course


    IMDG Code Course | Function-specific editions: four different courses, each tailored to a specific role and combining Basic and Advanced course material.


    IMDG Code Course | Advanced edition: our most extensive course, which covers all topics of the IMDG Code in depth.

    Awareness course - content

    • What are 'Dangerous Goods'?
    • Regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods by sea
    • Classes and types of dangerous goods
    • Types and methods of packaging for each class and type of dangerous goods
    • Storage methods for dangerous goods
    • International standards for labelling and marking of packages containing dangerous goods
    • Documentation - requirements
    • Loading and Handling - stowage and segregation requirements
    • Safe Handling and Emergency Information
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