• Effective IMDG Code training

    Spend less time. Spend less money. Be more than compliant.

    Meet all requirements - and more

    Courses are always up-to-date (up to the current Amendement 41-22) and cover all mandatory topics. Certificates are issued automatically, on succesful completion. Detailed records are kept, allowing you to meet your training requirements at the lowest possible cost - without compromising on quality.


    Tailored to every role in accessible English

    IMDG Courses are available for every role or position, tailored to the required level of knowledge and specific responsibilities - now including a tank container transport course!


    IMDG e-learning, recognized internationally and proven in practice

    Wouter Denkelaar, Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals: "IMDG-courses.com allows us to train our people effectively, with tailored courses. No planning restrictions and our costs are substantially lower."

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  • Lively and accessible English

    The majority of IMDG Code courses reflect the tone and language of the Code itself - officialese. IMDG-courses.com uses everyday English as much as possible, making the courses much more accessible and easier to follow.


    Also, the Code is a reference book. IMDG Courses explain the structure of the Code and presents the topics in a logical order, without assuming prior knowledge. Animations and interactive content further help participants to understand and absorb the content of the course. The full content of each course is available for the student to access, directly, as often as required.


    Tests and certificates

    There is a test at the end of every module, with each score counting towards the end result and, on successful completion, an overall course certificate.


    20% discount for users of the Knowdis learning platform

    Are you interested in having your own learning platform? Knowdis consists all the tools you need to develop and maintain e-learning courses, instructions and an on-boarding programm to offer to your employees.


    Users of the Knowdis learning platform get a structural 20% discount on IMDG courses and 50% discount on other Knowdis courses, such as:

    • COSHH awareness
    • Cyber security awareness
    • Confined spaces
    • Manual handling
    • Hand-arm vibration awareness
    • Working at height

    See for more information about Knowdis and these courses: knowdis.nl or contact us for more information or a demonstration.

  • IMDG Code e-learning courses

    IMDG courses are available for every role or position. Choose a course from the main menu to see detailed information.

    Awareness course

    Management and seafaring personnel

    The Awareness cursus provides a general overview of the legal requirements of maritime dangerous goods management, as contained in the IMDG Code.


    Suitable for staff not directly involved in dangerous goods transport.

    Basic course & Refresher

    Meet the requirements

    The Basic course covers all the main topics of the IMDG Code and is suitable for anyone involved in maritime dangerous goods management.



    This course is the equivalent of at least a one-day classroom training, with a higher return.

    Tank container operations

    Basic + tank container operator

    Contains all the relevant material of the Basic course and extensive additional content specific to tank container operations. Meets the IMDG Code training requirements for tank container operator staff.


    Looking for a bespoke course? Just let us know.

    Function-specific courses

    Four tailored courses

    The IMDG Courses function-specific range combines Basic level course material with advanced content relevant to specific roles.



    A range of courses tailored to all four main roles in maritime dangerous goods management.

    Advanced course

    The most extensive course

    The Advanced course offers in-depth coverage of all topics of the IMDG Code and is suitable for transport department managers and safety managers and advisors.



    Equals a three-day classroom training, with a higher return.

  • Internationally recognized IMDG Code Courses

    The IMDG Code e-learning courses developed by IMDG-courses.com are used around the world. The courses cover all mandatory content and certificates are issued (upon successful completion) to confirm this. IMDG-courses.com allows you to meet your training requirements, in full, at the lowest possible cost.


    Amendment 41-22 (version 41 - 2022)

    The IMDG Code is updated every two years to reflect revisions in the relevant UN Regulations, with a transition year during which both the current amendment and the new amendment can be used.


    Amendment 41-22 was introduced on 1 January 2023. The period of coverage of Amendment 40-20 runs to 31 December 2023.

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    User management

    A user management account is included with purchases of multiple courses, allowing you to easily enroll participants, monitor progress and access detailed reporting.



    IMDG-courses.com is a trade name of Knowdis. Knowdis provides support for all issues pertaining to purchase of courses, enrollment and system use, as well as questions on the content of courses.


    If you have any questions or if you want more information, don't hesitate to contact us - or give us a call on +31108421340.


    Effective learning

    Reading and viewing the content at natural or preferred speed; the freedom to return and review any part of a module at any time; separate, specific tests; support available at all times - all this contributes to better absorption of course material compared to classroom training.

    Have a practical day

    Completing the e-learning course* and passing the test is enough for participants to comply with the IMDG Code training requirements.


    As an additional option IMDG Courses offers a one-day classroom training (in combination with the e-learning course, in-company only, 8 participants or more). During this practical day, an experienced trainer will cover the full content of the course, look at selected topics in greater depth and answer questions related to situations and subjects specific to the organization.


    The trainer will review the e-learning course results of all participants prior to the meeting, and be aware of possible areas that require extra attention.


    This ensures maximum effectiveness for the training.


    * does not apply to the Awareness Course